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#1 platform for real time sensor data monitoring.

Air Quality Monitoring
Vibration Monitoring
Noise Monitoring
Solar Panel Monitoring

Falcon Monitoring

Platform functionalities

  • Single integrated platform.
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS.
  • Real time analysis.
  • Data-driven insights.
  • Error detection communication via push notifications.
  • Connect sensors on location via QR codes.

Platform features:

Our vision is to enable real time sensor data monitoring to create a more efficient and sustainable environment through actionable intelligence

Integrated platform

Our platform offers the integration of various types of sensors to combine information in order to obtain higher level insights for your company processes. We strive to continuously improve the support of monitoring solutions. Have a new use case in mind for your company, please let us know!

Intelligible mobile application

Quickly get access to the monitoring data through the Falcon mobile application for Android and iOS. The application also supports the setup process for your monitoring projects by connecting the sensors through QR codes.

Real time analysis

The improvement of low cost and low power IoT devices enable real time analysis of the transmitted data. Falcon is built efficiently and with scalability in mind to support real time processing of data.

Data-driven insights

The core of the platform is built around the sensor data collection and enables data driven insights for your company processes. By combining multiple data sources from various sensors or external databases you can perform advanced analysis tasks.

Error detection communication via push notifications

Perform error detection in the sensor data and automatically notify your clients and employees through push notifications to the connected mobile devices. Easily setup your threshold values for specific sensors and communicate anomalies to associated users.

Scalable server architecture

The sensor data processing is built with scalability in mind and supports large data collections. Our platform analyses the monitoring data efficiently and can provide insights of million data points in a matter of milliseconds.

Real time sensor data monitoring

Our mission is to offer an easy solution for the integration of sensor data and apply a smart data-driven approach for actionable intelligence. Currently we offer the following engineering solutions:

“I had a great experience with Falcon from start to finish.”

Olivier SchelfhoutCEO, Jantril Monitoring Systems